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Сплющенного ролика
Taper roller bearings are separable,the cone, consisting of the inner ring with roller and cage assembly, can be mounted separately from the cup (outer ring). Tapered roller bearings have tapered inner and outer ring raceways between which tapered rollers are arranged. The projection lines of all the tapered surfaces meet at a common point on the bearing axis. Taper roller bearings are mostly applied in carrying combined (radial and axial) loads which is major in radial load. The axial load carrying capacity of the bearings is determined by the contact angle, the larger contact angle, the higher the axial load carrying capacity,taper roller bearing with big contact angle (27°-30°) can carry combined loads which is major in axial load.
The bearings are mostly applied in automobile wheels, speed variator, differential case, machine tool spindles, construction machine, large agriculture machine, rolling stock, gear decelerator etc.
WHZ can supply the following configuration of taper roller bearings in metric and inch.
● Single row taper roller bearings(fig)
This bearing can only restrict axial displacement in single direction of shafts or housings,and carry axial load in single direction. Additional axial force will be generated inside bearings under the action of radial load,arrangements of paired bearing in face to face or back to back should be made to balance this force. If single bearing used, acting axial force from outside is required to be larger than additional axial force.
● Double row taper roller bearings(fig)
These bearings have two configurations. TDO configuration has one double row outer ring (cup) and two inner rings with roller and cage assembly (cones),with or without a spacer between two inner rings. TDI configuration which comprises one double row inner ring with two roller and cage assemblies and two outer rings, with or without a spacer between two outer rings. Modification of spacer thickness can adjust the clearance of bearing.
This bearing can carry radial load and axial load in double directions. It can limit axial displacement in double direction of shafts or housings within axial clearance.
● Four row taper roller bearings (fig)
This bearing comprises two double row cones,one double row cup and two single cups,spacers for clearance modifications exist between cones as well as cups.
This bearing is mostly same to double row taper roller bearing in the function,but radial load it can carry is heavier than double row taper roller bearing,its’ limit speed is lower,it is mostly used for heavy machine,such as rolling mill etc.
Size Range
Single row taper roller bearing
I.D.   105 mm~ 950 mm
O.D.   165 mm~1280 mm
Width    38 mm~ 190 mm
The reference data sees WHZcatalog
Double row taper roller bearing
I.D.  100 mm~1600 mm
O.D.  170mm~ 2060 mm
Width   46 mm~  560 mm
The reference data sees WHZcatalog
Four row taper roller bearing
I.D.  130 mm~1060 mm
O.D  180 mm~1500 mm
Width  135 mm~1000 mm
The reference data sees WHZcatalog
Single row taper roller bearing has clearance only after they are mounted,the clearance value can be determined only when another bearing is located next to it in the opposite direction after adjusting. Radial and axial clearance can be adjusted in the course of mounting and working, interference fit can also be given.
Taper roller bearings adopt pressed steel cage generally,for big size,welted steel cage or pin cage of style.
1. If O.D.≤650mm,pressed steel cage,no suffix code
2. If O.D.>650mm,pin cage,no suffix code
Permissible Tilt Angle
For taper roller bearings, tilt of shaft to housing is not permitted, if any, it cannot exceed 2′.
Equivalent Dynamic Load
P=Fr KN]              if Fa/Fr≤e
P=0.4Fr +YFa  [KN]    if Fa/Fr>e
If making single row taper roller bearing paired(their dimension can be different),when calculating equivalent dynamic load, additional axial forces caused by radial load must be taken into consideration. For additional axial forces S of taper roller bearing,it can be approximately calculated as follows : S= Fr/2Y
Equivalent Static Load
Single row taper roller bearing
P0=0.5Fr +Y0Fa KN]
If P0 
Double row and four row taper roller bearing
P=0Fr +Y1Fa   [KN]  if Fa/Fr≤e
P=0.67Fr +Y2Fa  [KN] if Fa/Fr>e
Equivalent Dynamic Load
P0=Fr +Y0Fa [KN]

Both of Fr and Fa refers to the total loads acting on single row, double row and four row taper roller bearings.

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