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The limit speed of angular contact ball bearing is higher, it can carry radial and axial load at same time, also axial load only. The capacity of axial load carrying depends on contact angular, the bigger the contact angle is,the stronger the capacity is.
WHZ can supply four points contact ball bearing
four points contact ball bearing(fig)is removable. Type QJ000 has a split inner ring,QJF000 has a split outer ring,both of contact angle is of 35°. Four points contact presents between balls and rings if no load or radial load only. Two points contact presents between balls and rings if axial load only. It can support torque load as well as axial load in both direction.
Size Range
I. D.    90 mm~480 mm
O. D.  137 mm~700 mm
Width   28 mm~180 mm
The reference data sees WHZcatalog
Contact ball bearings usually adopt pressed steel cages or machined brass cages.
Permissible Tilt Angle
For angular contact ball bearing, there is a very little inclination between inner ring and outer ring, the permissible angle depends on internal clearance, bearing size, internal design and the force and torque put on bearings,the value of max. permissible tilt angle should be able to ensure that no extra stress generates in bearings. It will influence bearing life, meanwhile, running accuracy will decrease and operating noise will increase if existing tilt angle between inner and outer rings.
Equivalent Dynamic Radial Load
Pr=Fr+0.66Fa               if Fa/Fr≤0.95
Pr=0.6Fr+1.07Fa           if Fa/Fr>0.95
Equivalent Static Radial Load
Minimum Pre-load
The bearing is required to carry a certain load in order to avoid damaging slide caused by inertia between balls and raceway when rotating in high speed. The minimum load can be estimated as below:
Famin     min. pre-load in axial direction    (N)
Cor       basic static load rating   (N)
n         rotating speed                   (r/min)
dm       average diameter
dm=(d+D)/2    (mm)
Ka       min. axial load factor
Ka=1.0   series QJ2
Ka=1.1    series QJ3
Bearing is required to be pre-loaded with springs if the actual load acted on bearings is less than minimum axial load calculated.

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