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Spherical roller thrust bearings are separable,the load is transmitted from one raceway to the other at an angle to the bearing axis. The bearings are therefore suitable to accommodate radial loads as well as axial loads. These bearings incorporate a large number of asymmetrical rollers and have specially designed raceways with an optimum conformity. They can therefore support very heavy axial loads and permit relatively high speed operation. Another important characteristic of spherical roller thrust bearings is their self-aligning capability. This makes the bearings insensitive to shaft deflection and misalignment of the shaft relative to the housing.
These bearings are mostly applied in hydroelectric generators, vertical motor, propeller axle of vessels, cranes and squeezer etc.
WHZ can supply the spherical roller thrust bearings with asymmetrical rollers(fig)。
Size Range
I. D.   60 mm~1180 mm
O. D.  130 mm~1440 mm
Width   37 mm~ 720 mm
The reference data sees WHZcatalog
Pressed steel cage or machined brass cage is generally adopted. If machined brass cage used, there is no suffix designation. If any other cage, there is suffix designation accordingly.
The rollers of these bearings are asymmetrical. If symmetrical rollers required, we can also do it.
Permissible Tilt Angle
Axle of spherical roller thrust bearing is permitted to tilt,if Poa≤0.05Coa and meanwhile the
shaft is slewing,permissible tilt angle as below.
Series 292                     1.5°
Series 293                      2°
Series 294                     2.5°
If loads increasing,permissible tilt angle will be decreased.
Minimum Axial Loads
Minimum axial loads Famin required when spherical roller thrust bearing is working(achieving the bigger value from the one of 2 formulas as below)
Famin  minimum axial loads required kN
n      rotating speed
C0a    static load rating kN
Fr       radial load kN
Equivalent loads
Equivalent axial dynamic loads
Pa=Fa+1.2Fr                if Fr≤0.55Fa
Equivalent axial static loads
Por=Fa+2.7Fr               if Fr≤0.55Fa
Fa         actual axial loads       (kN)
Fr         actual radial loads        (kN)
Mounting Size
        1.Maximum single fillets radius of shafts and housings seesrasmin,>>
        2.Mounting size of spherical roller thrust bearings sees,>>
        3.Calculation of mounting size >>

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