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Cylindrical roller bearings are not self-retaining, they’re removable. It’s easy to be mounted and dismounted; the advantage will be outstanding if clearance fits between inner and out rings with the shaft and housing required. Linear contact presents between cylindrical rollers and raceway, it can relieve the edge stress and increase radial loading capacity. So this bearing is applied to rotate in high speed as well as carry heavy and shocking load. It has some advantages of strong rigidity and slight deformation. But it’s strictly required of permissible angle misalignment of tilt of inner and outer rings when mounting, if fail, it’ll affect seriously on bearing life.
The bearing of type is mostly available for motors, generators, combustion engines, gas turbines, machine tool spindles, decelerators and carrying machinery in medium and large size.
WHZ can supply the configuration of cylindrical roller bearings.>>
Size Range
I. D. 120 mm ~ 950 mm
O. D. 180 mm ~1250 mm
Width 28 mm ~ 800 mm
The reference data sees WHZcatalog
Single row cylindrical roller bearing adopts mostly machined solid cages, pressed steel cages and nylon cages. Double row cylindrical roller bearing adopts mostly machined brass cages, sometimes nylon cages also. Four row cylindrical roller bearing adopt mostly machined brass cages, apt to adopt machined solid pin cages for the ones in bigger size.
Permissible Angular Misalignment
Normally, cylindrical roller bearing doesn’t allow shafts to tilt to housings. But single row cylindrical roller bearing permits inner and outer rings to tilt relatively at 2′ when carrying light load. The permissible tilt can be bigger accordingly if the heavier load is carried, but the tilt is not allowed to exceed 4’.
Minimum Radial Load
At a high speed, inertial force and friction of rollers and cages will affect negatively the rolling of bearings,the damage sliding between rollers and raceways will be generated. Radial load to some extent must be acted for regular working of bearings. The minimum required is>>
Axial Carrying Capacity
For cylindrical roller bearings with ribs on both of inner and outer rings, the capacity of axial load carrying relates to the one of radial load carrying and lubrication of style. Permissible maximum axial load is>>
Radial Equivalent Load >>
Basic Life Rating
The simplest calculation of cylindrical roller bearing life is from ISO>>

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