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Radial Eqivalent Load
Radial Equivalent Dynamic Load
1        If cylindrical roller bearing is used as non-positioning bearing and only carries radial load:
Pr   radial equivalent dynamic load   (N)
Fr   actual radial dynamic load    (N)
2.For cylindrical roller bearing for axial load used,i.e., if using cylindrical roller bearing
with ribs on inner and outer rings for positioning single and double direction:
Pr=Fr                  Fa / Fr ≤ e
Pr=0.92Fr+YFa   Fa / Fr>e
Fr       actual radial load component   (N)
Fa       actual axial load component     (N)
e        calculating factor
e=0.2   for series 10, 2, 3, and 4
e=0.3   for series 22 and 23
Y        axial load factor
Y=0.6   for series 10, 2, 3 and 4
Y=0.4   for series 22 and 23
Radial Equivalent Static Load

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